Competitive class based VR multiplayer

Discussion about our Spatial Computing privacy rights

Say hello to the first ever Spatial Assembly held in Mozilla Hubs.

Jon Lax, Head of Design AR/VR at Facebook, chats about challenges in Spatial Computing.

Spatial Assembly’s goal is to bring experts together and openly discuss, ‘How to make Spatial Computing Not Sux’ as Timoni West says so well!

“I believe we’re building the next generation of computing, not just a means of simulation.” -Jon Lax

The Spatial Assembly is a bi-weekly meetup that takes place in Mozilla Hubs where leaders in the world of spatial computing share their thoughts and discuss how we can “make spatial computing not suck”.

Join our next events:

Stay tuned! We’ve quite a few hosts lined up for future assemblies and are currently in the process of scheduling more throughout the rest of the year.

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#11. Torch AR team, designing in augmented reality — September 4th

The team from Torch AR hosted this assembly and spoke about their work building, and rebuilding, Torch AR. …

Spatial computing provides more effective training than traditional methods.

The more complex the product, the more benefit XR training may have for retail associates.

Ideas for haptics and how professional VR players will compete.

Programmable Jumping Jet fountain could be synced with VR/AR for great effect.

Its free and offers great practice for future competitive VR titles.

A close league match end 100–99 shared by league player Loaded lemons

The projectiles are physics based and travel at a speed players can both see and dodge in room-scale if they’re quick enough.

The main weapon used is a paint pistol, which can be duel wielded when a second weapon is found. Shotguns, snipers, grenade launchers, and burst rifles can be found around the arenas…

How VR will democratize physical activity, healthy competition, and teamwork for millions.

Soccer and VR anyone? -Image created by Oleksii Sidorov

The rise of eSports.

Outside traditional sports, competitive team play is growing rapidly. eSports, or competitive video games, are spreading like wild fire in popularity. Colleges have begun offering scholarships for skilled players. Streamers are making as much as TV stars. And there is no shortage of kids who dream of playing video games professionally.

Professional sports are huge.

Pro teams scout colleges for players. Colleges scout highschools for players. …

Feeling where you’re standing in VR will give a competitive edge.

“Yesterday’s Skyrim workout.”

Skyrim VR — Image source: Bethesda

Gamers have never been known for physical fitness.

How could they be? Always locked away in a dark basement all day with sugary soda and crunchy chips a gamer has no time for the gym. They are far too busy hitting max level on their newest re-rolled toon, crushing through dungeons, finding fat loot, and endlessly grinding the illusive fishing skill.

Michael Eichenseer

Writing, VR design, and virtual sports.

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